How the Eta to Sri Lanka works?

mapInternational travelers seeking to visit Sri Lanka are now subject to enhanced security requirements and will be required to pay administrative costs. All eligible travelers who wish to travel to Sri Lanka under the ETA Program must apply for permission and pay the fees at least 48 hours before visiting Sri Lanka. is intended to help individuals and legal entities in their administrative travel paperwork. This wesbite is not affiliated with the Sri Lanka government. Our help and assistance is offered at a price of 42.90 euros and includes the costs of border protections of 30 usd. You can get your request for 30usd on the official website of the Sri Lanka Embassy, but in this case you will not receive our help and assistance.

You can get an ETA if:

  • You hold a valid passport from an eligible country for the ETA program
  • Your trip will not exceed 30 days
  • You plan to travel to Sri Lanka for Holiday or Leisure.

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