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Sri-Lanka-Visa.org is an independent travel visa procurement company offering a stress free service. We enable you to obtain your visa and continue with your travel arrangements without interrupting your work or daily routine.

Sri-Lanka-Visa.org individually reviews your application before it is submitted to the Embassy, ensuring that it meets all the Embassy requirements. Sri-Lanka-Visa.org also offers you the ease of applying in your own language.

On top of that, we also provide more payment options than what the Sri Lankan Embassy offers: on top of credit card, we also have the option of paying with direct debit, and PayPal.

Sri-Lanka-Visa.org charges a modest service fee for its services on top of the embassy fee. If you prefer to apply directly to the Embassy yourself the fee will be reduced.

We are not affiliated with any of the Foreign Embassies or Governments pertaining to the Visas we procure.

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Sri-Lanka-Visa.org trades under the business name "Tom Gysel", with the business registered address:

Cortijo Benisiéte
Camino de la Vegueta
18400 Órgiva

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