Deleting an existing ETA Visa with the Sri Lankan government

We get many requests from people who want to delete their existing ETA visa.

This is from people who are not customers of ours, but who have applied for a visa on their own with the Sri Lankan embassy.

They request this because they made a mistake and want to apply for a new visa. (And for that they need to delete their old one first).




Why do they need a new visa?

This could be for one or more reasons:

Indeed, passport number, nationality and date of birth HAVE TO be correct. A mistake in any of these three and the ETA visa is considered void by the Sri Lankan border control.


But is deleting the old visa always needed?

In the first two cases, yes, because the visa is tied to the passport number, they absolutely need to delete the old visa, and then apply for a new one.

In the case of a wrong passport number, there really is no need to delete the old visa, because they can just log a new application with the correct passport number.

If people have provided the wrong or non-existing emailaddress, there's nothing they can do, they'll never receive the ETA in their inbox. These people could delete their visa, and re-apply, but there is no need, because as long as they have filled in the right passport number, nationality and date of birth they have a valid ETA visa. Even though they don't have any proof.

(The ETA is in essence electronic. That means the passport number is linked to a visa number in the computer system. By looking up your passport number, the Sri Lankan airport officials can see if an ETA has been assigned to you.)


Applying for a new visa is costly

But really, these mistakes could be avoided easily.

That's why our service is here. We are like an insurance, a stress-free service. We double check (and sometimes triple check) the information provided to us by our customers.

We also know what the most important parts of the application are, so we are actively on the look out for mistakes in any of those parts.

And by using our service you're also garantueed that the ETA visa will arrive in your inbox. If we would have given a wrong emailaddress and thus you don't receive the visa, you'll get a full refund. (This never happened so far by the way. But we see it happen to people all the time, and then they come to us as a last resort.)


Delete your ETA visa here

If you need to delete your existing visa, we also offer a Visa Deletion service.

If you decide you want your visa deleted, we will get in touch with our contact at the Sri Lankan immigration service and ask for the deletion of your existing visa.

This usually takes less than 1 week (in some cases it might be closer to 2 weeks), but it will get deleted so that you can apply for a new ETA visa.

The cost for this is 10 euro.


If you would like to have your existing ETA Visa deleted please fill in the form here:


We are sorry, we are not in operation at the moment.




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