What is a Sri Lanka ETA Visa?

Please read here: About the Sri Lanka Tourist Visa (ETA)


Do I require an ETA Visa?

If you're travelling for tourist purposes to Sri Lanka, for any amount of time, you need an ETA Visa. An ETA Visa is valid for 30 days. If you stay longer than 30 days within the country, you will need to extend the visa in Sri Lanka itself.

(Tourist purposes:

Exception: nationals of the following countries who visit Sri Lanka for a "Short Visit" (up to 30 days) are exempt of this obligation:
The Republic of Singapore
The Republic of Maldives
The Republic of Seychelles


Why does a visa with you cost more compared to the sri lankan embassy?

Yes, it is also possible to do the application with the sri lankan embassy. That costs $35 at the moment (or 32 euro) (since 25 december 2015) .

But if you do the application through our website, there are advantages:

1. More payment options

We have more payment options: you can pay with Paypal, Credit Card or Debit Card (and not just credit card as on the embassy's site)

2. Your application is individually reviewed

Your application is individually reviewed by a member of our staff before submission to the Embassy, ensuring that it meets all the Embassy requirements. We often come across a lot of mistakes in the applications we get. Luckily we’re able to catch those mistakes before they’re sent out to the Sri Lankan Embassy.

> The visa is only valid for 30 days. There are people who want to stay longer than this length of time in Sri Lanka, but they don't know that it's only valid for 30 days.

> The travel passports must be valid for 180 days on the day of arrival in Sri Lanka. Some people do not know this. We help them avoid a lot of hassle by telling them.

> We also receive many mistakes in the issuance and expiry dates of the travel passports. These are critical mistakes. We look out for mistakes, before we fill out the form and send out the application.But when people have entered the wrong passport dates on the website of the Sri Lankan embassy, it is permanent.

Then the cancellation of this ETA visa will take time. And to do another application for a new ETA visa will take time again, and will cost the same amount of money again as before. Often people also simply don't have the time to go through this process, as they have to leave soon for Sri Lanka.

It is in these ways that we save our customers money and time.

3. We have a customer service

We are available for any questions, about any part of the process.

Sometimes we get emails from people who have applied for a visa with the sri lanka embassy, even though they are not our customers.

But they have never received their ETA Visa, and then ask us for help (because the sri lanka embassy does not have customer service, and is thus unreachable & unavailable for any help).

They probably made a mistake somewhere in their application, but we can do nothing about it, we cannot give them access to their visa. Their visa is irretrievable. They do not have access to it.

By applying for the visa through our service, you can avoid problems like this. Your ETA visa is then always recuperable.


These are the reasons why we ask more money. It is because we offer an extra service. The ETA visa itself of course is completely the same.


Do I need a plane ticket, before I do the application for the ETA visa?

No. You can apply for the ETA visa before you have booked a plane ticket.


What happens, when my application is unsuccessful?

When your ETA application has not been approved, you will get a full refund of your money. You then need to contact the Sri Lankan Immigration service.

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